Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

Vehicle wheelchair lifts are electrically-powered lifts that raise and lower wheelchairs and scooters for transport with your vehicle. Vehicle wheelchair lifts come in two major designs:

Inside-mounted wheelchair lifts are designed to move a wheelchair or scooter inside the vehicle for transport. Interior lifts are plugged or wired into the battery for electrical power. Such lifts are used to raise and lower an elecric wheelchair or scooter in and out of a car, truck or SUV. Such wheelchair lifts are generally bolted to the floor inside your SUV, truck or van, but can also be mounted on a van side door, truck tailgate, or inside a trunk.

Outside-mounted wheelchair lifts are usually mounted to a bumper trailer hitch and are designed to secure your wheelchair or scooter to the the outside of your vehicle for transport. Such lifts consist of a platform you drive the scooter or wheelchair on that is raised or lowered. Operation is either from a remote hand control or directly through your vehicle ignition switch.

Wheelchair trailers are the ultimate in ease. Simply lower the tailgate ramp, drive your electric wheelchair or scooter onboard, tie down securely, put the gate up and drive away.

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