Selecting an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter

Electric wheelchairs and scooters offers a wide range of diversity for many locations and terrains. If your main usage will be indoors, features such as physical size and turning radius will be important. Outdoor users may want heavier suspension and off-road capability. Many wheelchairs and electric scooters offer both indoor and outdoor performance without compromising either too much.

Most people in the market to purchase an electric wheelchair choose the powerbase wheelchair. This type of wheelchair is constructed of two main parts: a powerbase that contains the batteries, wheels and drive system; and a custom-fitted seat.

A standard electric wheelchair is the older style of electric wheelchair, with large rear wheels, front caster wheels and cross brace under the seat. Most transportable, folding wheelchairs are of this style.

Electric wheelchairs and scooters can be configured with different drive sytems, motor packages, suspensions, batteries, and other options. Your height, weight, and degree of upper body mobility will somewhat determine which particular wheelchair will best serve your needs.

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