Electric Patient Lifts

patient lift

Patient lifts are ideal for transferring a disabled person between their bed and a wheelchair or electric scooter. The major manufacturers of patient lifts are Hoyer and Invacare. Some issues you should consider when purchasing a patient lift:

  • Degree of lift - most patient lifts are designed to transfer you between your bed and electric wheelchair or scooter. However, some lifts are designed to lift you completely to a standing position.

  • Mounting style - Patient lift systems can either be frees-tanding units or ceiling-mounted. Free-standing patient lifts can be easily wheeled around but do take up floor space.

    Ceiling-mounted patient lifts are installed with one or more tracks. A typical installation consists of a track that extends beyond your bed for setup of a wheelchair and bedside commode. Multi-directional tracks are used if you need to be lifted in different locations of the room. Multiple tracks are used on different floors of your home and have removable motors.

  • Lift slings - The fit of a sling is important and should allow for positioning into a wheelchair at the same angle or position as when seated in the sling.

  • Weight - make sure the lift system is designed to support your weight.

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